The Power of Law of Attraction

This video that I found is a collection of quotes by Genevieve Behrand from her book your invisible power. There is nothing mysterious or secretive about the idea that what you want think about all of the time will come true.

The thought on your mind that is running and is not stopping no matter how much you try it will manifest. The power of law of attraction does not understand bad or good, it only understands the thought.

This is the sole reason why it is said to always have positive thoughts on your mind no matter what you are doing. Your subconscious does not understand whether what you are thinking is good or bad, it only understands that what is your thinking is whats on your mind and thus you must really really want it.

As called the power of visualization, it is the working of the universe that you must stick with and understand. This ancient formula has been passed down generations and has been interpreted millions of times by thousands of authors, but the basic idea has always remained that what you visualize will manifest.

Everything in your world from hat on your head to boots on your feet, have come into your life because of a thought process that you had. It all would not have been possible if you did not have thought about it. All are projected thoughts that you have had in your life.